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Beyonce ushers in the Renaissance and does so with her debut single “Break My Soul.”

A month away from the availability of her album for pre-order, the singer surprised fans by sharing her new track which doubles as an anthem for all corporate workers. The song came online a little earlier than expected amid some online leaks.

Just hours after its release, the song took over social media trends due to its lyrics that have the singer singing about quitting her 9-to-5 job to work on building a new foundation.

“I just fell in love, and I just quit my job/ Gonna find a new engine, damn they work me so hard/ Work till nine, then till five/ And they make me work my nerves, that’s why I can’t sleep at night,” Bey sings in the first verse.

Taking to Twitter, fans took to it and joked, “This is my sign to quit.”

“Beyoncé said, overthrow the government and your corporate jobs. We’re done,” tweeted another.

One listen to the track was enough for the internet to elicit all sorts of hilarious reactions. “If Beyoncé tells you to quit your job you have to because it’s the LAW, I don’t make the RULES,” one fan wrote.

“Don’t tempt me Beyonce,” said one fan while another joked, “Beyonce said quit your job cause they’re working your nerves and I said it’s already done.”

“Beyoncé said quit your toxic job today and go out and danceeeeeeee,” wrote another.

“I miss Beyoncé telling us things like ‘leave your man’, ‘quit your job’, ‘fuck them’…I love that she comes back to that!” says another.

Another fan decided to be a voice of reason and confronted fans and listeners with reality saying, “Beyonce is a billionaire. Please don’t quit your job without a plan. The economy world is collapsing.”


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