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NEW DELHI: Stars such as Bajrang Punia and Ravi Dahiya will not get direct entries into the final of their respective categories when the national federation holds selection trials for the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games due to unrest among upcoming grapplers at the recent Asian Championship Trials.
In the trials for the Mongolia event, the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) had given direct entries to Bajrang and Dahiya for the deciding final in their respective weight classes, while the others scrambled for the draw. .
Bajrang faced tough competition from Rohit in the only fight he contested at 65kg while an annoyed Aman gave Ravi a knockdown in the 57kg final after battling for shock at the top.
Aman and Ravi train at Chhatrasal stadium.
Deepak Punia (86kg) also earned a direct entry into the final, a decision fellow wrestlers called unfair.
No one officially complained but the decision was criticized and WFI President Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh was seen assuring wrestlers they would see a better arrangement “next time”.
The WFI is now ready to organize the trials for men (May 17 in New Delhi) and women (May 16 in Lucknow) to select the teams for the CWG and the Asian Games.
“No one will have direct access to the finals this time. All will have to go through a draw for the CWG and Asiad trials. We have not received any requests for special treatment to date, but if star wrestlers want an advantage , given their status, the committee may consider it, but they certainly won’t have direct access to the final,” a WFI source said.
“Will it be fair for a wrestler who wins four fights and sits at home?”
It is expected that the WFI will ask star wrestlers to compete from the semi-finals onwards during tryouts.
Ravi has dominated since returning to competition after winning a silver medal at the Tokyo Games. He is miles ahead of wrestlers in his class, even though Bajrang struggles to find his touch.
While Bajrang escaped the trial fight against Rohit, the 28-year-old Tokyo Games bronze medalist was far from business as usual at the Asian Championship in Ulaanbaatar, where he won a silver medal after losing to 19-year-old Iranian junior world champion Rahman. Musa Amuzadkhali.
His recent struggles must have raised hopes for wrestlers vying for a spot on Team India in the 65kg category, which Bajrang has made his own with his dominating show over the past few years.
A section of the fraternity believes there is nothing wrong with giving special treatment to special athletes like Bajrang, Ravi and Deepak, as protecting them from injury is also a responsibility of the federation.
“If you have four wrestlers whose ability to win international medals is beyond doubt, they need to be protected from injury. Why ask them to play full draw. They are there because they have proven their worth,” said said Sujeet Maan, Bajrang’s personal trainer. .
“Personally, I think wrestlers who have won gold or silver at the Asian Championship can be invited to play only one fight, the final against the winner of the draw.
“Nobody plays to lose. New wrestlers just want to defeat these stars, but our second line is not yet mature enough to win medals at world events. So why risk hurting our real medal contenders,” said Maan said, adding that they would eventually follow what the WFI decides.
Respected coach Virender Singh also said the WFI must keep in mind the overall benefits of the sport.
“Look, the main thing is to win medals, not just compete. These 3-4 guys are going for medals. Others have competed in the past in the same categories but have they won medals? These boys are going well and still asked to appear in the trials, why?” asked Virender.
“By constantly managing their weight, their muscles get weaker and the kidneys are affected. They have to stay on an empty stomach and then sweat to maintain their weight during the trials, it negatively affects the body. Doing it over and over again is not good for their health.
“Their recovery is very important because they do the same weight loss exercise before competitions. If the federation wants to encourage the second line, what they can do is have trials of other wrestlers one day and the winner can compete with the established one the next day, so they are fresh for the tough fight,” he suggested.
The winners of the trials will reserve their place in the Indian team for the CWG and the Asian Games while the runners-up can participate in the world championship, which will be held in Serbia in September.

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