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We still pinch ourselves in disbelief. But this news is too important to believe, at least from the start. ETimes has learned from credible sources that Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan may be reuniting for Don 3. The rumor started right after the legendary actor recently tweeted a photo of a crowd outside a theater after his film Don, released in 1978. .

Earlier today, there were reports that a script for Don 3 was in sight. Well, we have confirmation that producers Excel Entertainment are indeed planning a sequel to Don and Don 2. Don 3 has a good chance of being the movie that brings together Don senior, Mr. Bachchan and his successor SRK. We’ve also been told by some birdies that Ranveer Singh is also on the film’s director list but it’s SRK and Big B who will be the perfect cast for the film.

There were reports in 2019 that SRK wanted out of Don 3 as he wanted to be part of Rakesh Sharma’s biopic. But like this space adventure, which has yet to take off, all eyes are now on Don 3.


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