Australian who taunted and filmed convicted dying officers

An Australian judge on Wednesday sentenced the country’s “probably most hated man” to 10 months in prison for filming and mocking police officers as they died after an accident.

The BBC reported that Richard Pusey, a 42-year-old mortgage broker, will likely be released from prison within days of his almost year-long detention. He pleaded guilty to the rare charge of contempt of public decency.

In April 2020, police arrested him for driving his Porsche at 93 miles per hour on Melbourne’s East Highway. As the police were speaking to him, they were struck by a truck in an emergency stop lane. Pusey avoided injury because he was urinating behind bushes by the side of the road at the time. He did not render help and instead filmed the scene.

His profanity laden commentary during filming included “he broke”, “justice”, “absolutely amazing” and “beautiful”.

“I think everyone’s been cleaned up,” Pusey said. “Guess I’ll take an … Uber home, huh.”

When one of the five spectators who came to the aid of the police in distress asked Pusey for help, he replied, “They are dead” and continued filming.

The BBC reported that Pusey was accused of standing over a woman while she was trapped under the truck. The report says experts believed she was alive at the time.

Judge Trevor Wraight said that while Pusey’s personality disorder could explain his behavior, it was a serious case of conduct that scandalized public decency.


“Your conduct in recording the police officers in their last moments, as well as the words you used during the recording, was not only derogatory and horrible … but it was also ruthless and reprehensible conduct,” said the judge, according to the BBC. .

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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