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When the news of Sidhu Moose Wala’s assassination came out, everyone was deeply shaken. His fans, friends, industry colleagues and everyone who knew him went into deep grief. However, the pain and agony his parents went through is beyond comparison. The world has lost a star, but they have lost their only son. They were inconsolable during his last rites, and his mother even fell unconscious after the last asthi visarjan. However, Vedic astrologer and tarot card reader Janvi Gaur believes Sidhu’s family will find some peace in the coming month. She also adds that although Sidhu’s soul is gone, he watches over his mother like a guardian angel.

“You know, asthi visarjan is a very moving experience. I myself had this experience four years ago for the first time, with my father’s ashes. I went to the Ganges to scatter his ashes with my son and my family. It’s a last goodbye, finally a closure. It’s one last shot of reality that you get that’s it. The last part of someone who was, your family or your life. And then you’re like, literally, this is the only last part you have and you let go,” Janvi Gaur said during her exclusive interaction with us.

“What came from Mother Nature went back to Mother Nature and all that, and I’m sure it was so overwhelming all the cremation and her killing and everything. It must have hit her (Sihdu’s mother) at that time,” she adds.

“We’ve all seen it on the videos; I don’t think she’s had a private moment to realize that she may have lost most of her life and that’s trauma, the worst thing parents can go through.” declares Janvi Gaur sympathetically.

However, as mentioned above, she also shares how Sidhu could still watch over his mother and family. Emphasizing the same, Janvi says, “But I’m sure there will be a healing process. I absolutely expect a lot of changes after September-October for them. Like I said, Sidhu Moose Wala is such a powerful soul, inherently such a healer, so these souls even know how to heal their families.

“They have a spiritual plan to do it. This kind of souls become guardian angels and therefore I am sure that he watches over his mother. Also, if a woman can give birth to a child like this, Sidhu Moose Wala, that woman herself is extremely special and source-bound. Higher energy there. I am therefore sure that she will better understand God’s plan”, concludes Janvi Gaur.


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