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Arjun Rampal, who is ready to stun us with his action-packed performance in ‘Dhaakad’ with Kangana Ranaut, has revealed some interesting details about his personal and professional life in an exclusive video interview with ETimes. Here are the excerpts:

Tell us about your role in ‘Dhaakad’

There comes a time when you want to change gears. I like characters that are brutal, powerful, well-written and outgoing. I want the audience to see the character and not me. The character of ‘Dhaakad’ is evil and quite the opposite of me in real life.

Were you skeptical about sharing screen space with Kangana Ranaut given that she has a stubborn personality?

No, I was not skeptical. I have known Kangana for a very long time. Kangana and I got our first national awards together. She got it for ‘Fashion’ and I got it for ‘Rock On’. After that she came to my nightclub in Delhi and we partied together. She also came home and we met several times on different occasions. She is a very sweet girl. I saw her evolve as an actress.

Did you become a recluse after your mother’s death?

Yes, I have changed as a person. I think it’s fair to say that I’m not the same person I was 10 years ago. There is a lot of calm, a lot more clarity. Change is inevitable, nothing is permanent. No one will stay here forever.

You have been surrounded by controversy during confinement. Did it shake your confidence?

It was very disturbing and disheartening to see what was happening. You can’t fight certain people and certain systems. The best way is to go through what you have to do. It’s the best way to clear your name and it makes you stronger and aware of certain things. We work very hard to make a name for ourselves and it becomes very disturbing when it is dragged into a situation where we don’t belong and our name is slandered.

How has fatherhood changed you as a person?

I have changed since I had my first child. Arik was born during a time when I lost my mother, so he is a God-sent gift to me. I am lucky to have my children around me.

You made people jealous by revealing your relationship with Gabriella, tell us about it!

He is a very special person. We understand each other very well. She had a great influence in my life. I hope I’m a big influence in his life, too. Touchwood, we are very satisfied and happy.

Will we be lucky enough to see you in ‘Raajneeti 2’ since your role ended in the first one?

(Smiles) Maybe I can be reborn as Katrina Kaif’s son like she expected in the first one. But am I going to make a political film again? I don’t know because if I’m offered a really good script, then it could be an interesting world to explore.

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