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Ranveer Singh has once again faced the wrath of netizens and this time it wasn’t for his flamboyant fashion or enthusiastic attitude, but for a simple tweet praising a colleague. Expressing his support for Kamal Haasan’s upcoming Tamil action artist ‘Vikram’, Ranveer tweeted, “Thumbs up to my talented friend Lokesh @Dir_Lokesh and Indian cinema legend @ikamalhaasan! This trailer is fire.

Internet users were quick to castigate the actor for his show of support. Take a look at some of these nasty comments and our response to them…

“Oh now he’s your friend… show how bollywood is now ready to kneel to save face and therefore bow to talented directors from the south”

Come on now, how would you know if they are indeed friends or not? After all, it’s the same profession and the industry as a whole. And we would also like to mention here that another famous southern filmmaker, Shankar, has already tapped Ranveer Singh for a movie. So this tweet certainly doesn’t appear to be posted with an ulterior motive as you suggest. Instead of trying to read between the lines about a non-existent problem, how about a social media detox maybe?

“You have time to promote other industry films, but you don’t have time to promote your industry film #dhaakad


Isn’t an actor allowed to tweet according to his choice? Let’s be more compassionate and not add to the nameless hate that exists on social media. Rather than forcing Ranveer to act according to your expectations, we suggest you do some introspection and try to free yourself from crude judgments.

“Why don’t you get together first gang husband tukde tukde ms @deepikapadukone She’s a shameless living creature, she should try to live in an Islamic country once as a normal citizen, only then will she know what type of demons she supports.


Such aggression is certainly not the need of the hour. Dragging his wife, who is a winner in her own right, and suggesting they leave the country only reflects hate. It’s sad that social media is full of nameless and mindless trolls. We only hope that you can change your personality and adapt to a more welcoming attitude.

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