Anyone Trolling Seema Khan Over Her Divorce From Sohail Khan Must Stop Sticking Their Noses Into Other People’s Business | Hindi Movie News


Sohail Khan and Seema Khan filed for divorce and were spotted in Bandra Family Court on Friday. “They filed for divorce. The two were friendly towards each other,” a source had told ETimes. They appeared before Judge Maqdoom so the Honorable Judge could complete the process of verifying their request for Even before Sohail and Seema could formalize the divorce, netizens began stalking Seema Khan for being separated from her husband of 24 years. Here are some attacks Seema Khan has faced on social media:

“Paise kamane ka mast plan he. amir logo se shadi kro aur fir divorce”

If only that was a gold digger’s plan, she took two decades too long to get to her gold! Before typing that rude remark, you should have researched Seema Khan. She is a designer and after appearing on a hit OTT show, she has also become a popular name. Besides being associated with the Khandaan, Seema has forged her own personality. Don’t worry, marriage-divorce isn’t really Seema’s job, as you so harshly implied.

“Inspired by Malaika”


And you found another reason to troll Malaika Arora, while apparently trying to see Seema Khan. Dragging his friend and ex-bhabhi into this controversy is all one can expect from a mean troll like you. Malaika-Arbaaz had their reasons and Sohail-Seema had theirs and neither of them asked your opinion. Allow us to update your lack of information, Seema and Sohail ran away to honor their love and their interfaith marriage spanned over two decades. There is nothing inspiring about divorce, if you will, so take inspiration from their strong bond, which was evident even in court during the divorce proceedings.

“Bollywood Culture”


If Bollywood is making you sick, we suggest keeping your distance from anything B-Town related. Don’t follow celebrities on Instagram, avoid all paparazzi social media accounts, don’t dance to filmed songs, change channels every time a Bollywood actor appears, and ban all movies from your life. And then you will probably realize how colorful Bollywood makes your life. Bollywood isn’t just about gossip and divorce, but it’s also about tons of happiness and inspiration… just look in the right places!

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