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NEW DELHI: The chaos surrounding the selection of India’s table tennis squad for the Commonwealth Games escalated on Monday after the CoA informed players that the squad announced last week was not final, even whether another paddler challenged his omission in the Delhi High Court.
The Committee of Trustees had announced an eight-member squad in Bangalore, with the women’s team subject to clearance by the Sports Authority of India. Diya Chitale, who was appointed as a substitute, filed an injunction petition in the Delhi High Court challenging her dismissal and now Manush Shah, who was appointed as a reserve in the men’s team, has done the same.
“We filed a writ petition today in the Delhi High Court. The hearing will be held on June 10 alongside the Chitale case,” Manush’s father, Utpah Shah, told PTI.
The development came on a day when the CoA wrote to the players stating that no final decision had been made on the selection of men’s and women’s teams for the July-August event. He had also held a press conference in Bangalore on the team announcement, while making it clear that the women’s team was subject to SAI’s approval.
On Monday, the Ministry of Sports-backed body put the ball back in the CoA’s court, saying the selection of teams in major international events “is the responsibility of the national sports federation”.
“The government or ISC will not be directly involved in the selection process except to ensure it is fair and transparent,” the ISC tweeted.
In its letter to players, the CoA wrote: “The email dated 06/02/2022 regarding the submission of documents was purely for the purpose of completing the documents in advance to avoid delays (visa) and was not a communication from the selected list.
“Now it appears from newspaper reports that said email was deemed to be a communication from a CoA-approved select list.”
“The CoA’s approval for the list of players who will represent India at the 2022 Commonwealth Games is still awaited,” reads the note to players viewed by PTI.
According to the original roster, the selection committee picked Manika Batra, Archana, Sreeja Akula, and Reeth Rishya in the squad with Chitale as their reserve.
The men’s team included veteran Sharath Kamal, G Sathiyan, Harmeet Desai and Sanil Shetty with Manush as reserve.
The controversy over the selection criteria has attracted a lot of attention.
Team selection takes into account performance in domestic (50%) and international (30%) tournaments, while the remaining 20% ​​is left to the discretion of the selectors. However, the CoA decided to change the ratio to 40, 40 and 20 from next season.


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