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Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie traveled to the Ukrainian city of Lviv on Saturday, breaking into a bakery and heading to the train station to meet some of those displaced by the war with Russia.

Jolie, 46, is a special envoy for the UN refugee agency, which says more than 12.7 million people have fled their homes in the past two months, representing around 30% of the pre-war Ukrainian population.

During the station visit, Jolie met volunteers working with the displaced, who told her that each of the psychiatrists on duty spoke to about 15 people a day. Many of those at the station are children between the ages of 2 and 10, according to volunteers.

“They must be in shock…I know how much trauma affects children, I know someone is showing how much they matter, how much their voice matters, I know how healing it is for them,” she said in response.

At one point during her visit to the station, she tickled a little girl dressed in red, who burst out laughing with delight. She also posed for photos with the volunteers and some children.

Last month, in her role as special envoy, Angelina Jolie traveled to Yemen, where millions of people have been displaced by war.

(Reporting by Reuters, writing by David Ljunggren)

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