‘AGT: Extreme’ Contestant Jonathan Goodwin Tells Fiancee Amanda Abbington She May Leave Him After Accident


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‘America’s Got Talent: Extreme’ contestant Jonathan Goodwin revealed in a recent TV interview that he told his fiancée Amanda Abbington that she might end their relationship after his near-fatal accident.

In October 2021, the contestant lost a kidney, severed his spinal cord, broke both shoulder blades, broke both legs and suffered a third-degree burn, which left him paralyzed .

Goodwin explained in the couple’s first interview since the accident that he left the fate of their relationship to the “Sherlock” actress.

“I said ‘you have a get out of prison card’, if you want to leave then I completely understand,” Goodwin said on ‘Lorraine’ on Friday morning.


“She told me not to be so stupid, and that was it,” he added.

Abbington chimed in and said, “We’re closer and closer than ever, and we just have that unsaid. Every day is a joy, it’s just fun, we’re having the best time.”

Goodwin and Abbington went on to recount how the couple met, with Goodwin explaining, “We had known each other for a while, but we never met. We chatted on social media and so on, and eventually we had a chat. our numbers and we arranged to call each other, and that first call lasted seven hours.

Jonathan Goodwin performs during the America’s Got Talent Semi-Finals.
(Trae Patton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)

“Then Amanda was working in Vienna, so I flew to Vienna to meet her for the first time, after a month of talking, and we got engaged within half an hour.”

Despite the result the stunt has given him, Goodwin remains positive about his future.


“The surgeon who did my spinal surgery said it was basically the worst he’s ever seen,” Jonathan told the talk show host. “So the prognosis is that unless there’s some kind of amazing thing that happens, then that’s me from now on.”

He added: “I’m not disappointed. Obviously I lost a lot, but I always say, you [Lorraine] as an able-bodied person, there are millions of things you could do in your life that you will never do, and you don’t wake up sad about it. You get up and think about the things you’re going to do, and it’s the same for me.”

Host Nick Cannon chats with Jonathan Goodwin during the Live Semi-Finals episode.

Host Nick Cannon chats with Jonathan Goodwin during the Live Semi-Finals episode.
(Photo by: Trae Patton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal)

In a statement obtained by Fox News after the crash, a rep for Goodwin said, “During a rehearsal last night for ‘America’s Got Talent: Extreme,’ an accident occurred in which the breakout artist Jonathan Goodwin was injured while performing his act. He was responsive and was immediately taken to hospital where he continues to receive medical treatment. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family as he waits. further updates on his condition.


The stunt performed by Goodwin took a gruesome turn when the cars crashed into each other, with Goodwin between them, sources said at the time. The cars then allegedly exploded “in a gigantic ball of fire”, knocking the stuntman to the ground and hitting his head.

Production has since been suspended on “AGT: Extreme”.

Fox News’ Jessica Napoli contributed to this report.

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