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NEW DELHI: NSA Ajit Doval will travel to Dushanbe later this week for an Afghanistan security conference which will review the situation in the country 9 months after the Taliban took over the country, ToI has learned. The May 26-27 meeting is expected to focus on the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan as well as security issues, including the threat of cross-border terrorism.
Doval is expected to stress India’s position that Afghanistan needs a fully inclusive government that can take care of the basic rights of women, children and minority communities and should not be allowed to transform into a haven for terrorism.
It will be the 4 regional security dialogue on Afghanistan. The last conference was organized by Doval himself here on November 10th. While China and India did not attend at the time, the conference still saw an expanded presence with participation from Russia, Iran and all Central Asian countries. Russia, Iran and China are expected to join the Dushanbe conference with Central Asian countries. I could not confirm if Pakistan was going to participate. Pakistan’s new government has yet to appoint a national security adviser.
India’s decision to host the conference in November as well as its offer to send 50,000 tons of wheat to Afghanistan through the land border with Pakistan have helped India maintain a foothold in the country after the situation changed dramatically in August 2021 with the return of the Taliban and the hasty departure of the United States. The Taliban, in fact, have repeatedly thanked India for the wheat and also called on the Indian authorities to consider reopening the mission in Kabul. The Taliban, however, are said to have once again cracked down on women’s rights by imposing new restrictions on them.
Doval will also seek the cooperation of his counterparts in Dushanbe to ensure that Afghanistan is not used to carry out terrorist attacks in the region. This has always been India’s main concern over Afghanistan since the return of the Taliban.
The Delhi Declaration in November focused on maintaining an Afghanistan free of terrorism, with all participants unanimously declaring that Afghan territory should not be used to harbor, train, plan or finance acts terrorists. It condemned in the strongest terms all terrorist activities and reaffirmed their firm commitment to combat terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, including its financing, the dismantling of terrorist infrastructure and the fight against radicalization.


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