Aditi Rao Hydari: People shouldn’t use terms like regional and southern films. We are Indian and we make Indian movies – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News



Aditi Rao Hydari has worked successfully in films both North and South and has won the same kind of adulation and success in every language she has dabbled with. She had a thriving career in Tamil and Telugu cinema apart from her memorable performances in Hindi. Speaking to ETimes about the endless debate between films from the South and the North, Aditi said, “We are the Indian film industry. I hope we will stop using terms like regional films and films We are Indian and we make Indian films. As a country our strength is our diversity, culture, languages ​​history; all of that. There is so much to explore. We have a lot to do and a lot to say, this is just the beginning for Indian films.

Dismissing any hearsay about the film industries competing with each other, she added, “I hope our industry works together to tell our stories to the world. Honest and authentic stories, stories that will inspire the world to sit back and pay attention. I hope people with talent and relevant voices have smoother journeys to make the movies they want to make.”

Aditi said the West does not look at Indian cinema through the prism of South, North or any other regional classification. She explained what Indian filmmakers need to do in the near future: “We need to be more aware, learn more by listening, watching and absorbing, be more grateful for opportunities, be proud of who we are and bring out the talents. We must celebrate ourselves first.”

Apart from having great insight into Indian cinema, Aditi is also something of a trendsetter in the fashion world. Her recent appearances at Cannes and other international events have had an impact, with her minimalist yet chic style loved by all. She revealed, “I was stubborn and determined to keep my style as simple and effortless as possible. I wanted to be me and if I made mistakes, it would be up to me to learn from them.”


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