Acting Haitian Prime Minister declares “state of siege” after President’s assassination




In the aftermath of the assassination of the Haitian president, one of the big questions is who will succeed him. But the answer is not immediately clear, according to Jean Wilner Morin, the president of the national association of Haitian judges.

He told CNN that the line of presidential succession in the country is now murky because normally the president of the Supreme Court would normally be called upon to fill the void, but he recently deceased after contracting Covid-19. René Sylvestre’s funeral was to take place on Wednesday. It is not yet known whether the service will continue.

For interim prime minister Claude Joseph to officially replace the president, it would have to be approved by the Haitian parliament, Morin said. But without recent elections, the parliament is effectively dead and “therefore constitutionally, it cannot replace the president of the republic”.

Morin said there is another precedent dating back to 2015, when the Speaker of the National Assembly stepped in to fill the leadership void. But again, there are currently no officials in this role either. However, with a third of the Senate still in place, Morin suggests officials may consider whether Senate Leader Joseph Lambert might be an option.

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