ACLU, Campaigners Say North Carolina Riot and Looting Bill “Racist” and “Anti-BLM”


ACLU and activists slam a North Carolina riot bill that would increase the penalties for riot or looting as “racist” and “anti-Black Lives Matter”

“This HB805 bill is racist. It is an anti-Black Lives Matter bill,” lawyer Dawn Blagrove activist group Emancipat NC told the WNCN.

House Bill 805 was sponsored by Republican North Carolina President Tim Moore after Raleigh saw riots last summer as protests and riots swept across the country after George’s death Floyd in Minneapolis.

Under the bill, people would be accused with a felony for causing significant property damage, grievous bodily harm or assaulting emergency personnel during riots.


“Like so many other North Carolinians, I saw the destruction that happened last year with, which was not protests, but what turned into riots, looting, assaults.” Moore said of the bill, which heads to the Senate after passing State House. , reported the WNCN.

Critics of the bill now call it “racist” and say it would unfairly target black people.


“This bill is a retaliation against the Black Lives Matter movement,” said Angaza Laughinghouse of the ACLU.

“When North Carolina State University won championships and people took to the streets and things got damaged, you didn’t see a bill like this come out,” Kerwin Pittman said with Emancipate North Carolina.

Some have also spoken out in defense of the looting and riots last summer, including author Vicky Osterweil, who wrote the book “In Defense of Looting” and told NPR last August that looting gives people “a imaginative feeling of freedom and pleasure “.

“Looting strikes at the heart of goods, whites and police,” Osterweil said in the interview. “It goes to the very root of how these three things are interconnected. And also, it gives people an imaginative sense of freedom and fun and helps them imagine a world that could be. And I think it is. part of it that we don’t really talk about – that the riots and looting are experienced as a kind of joy and liberation. ”

Moore criticized activists’ claims that the bill is racist and said it would apply to anyone who destroys property.

“It’s a ridiculous claim,” he said. “This law applies to anyone who goes and destroys property. Like so many Americans, I was outraged by what I saw on the United States Capitol. The destruction that occurred there.”

Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s office did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment on the bill, but he told the WNCN it needed to take a closer look if it landed on his desk.

The North Carolina bill comes after Republican governors in other states signed or lobbied for riot legislation, including in Florida, where Gov. Ron DeSantis has boasted of enacting “anti-riot legislation”. strongest riot “in the country in April.


“We saw last summer that some local governments were actually saying, not necessarily in Florida but across the country, basically telling these people to stand up, telling the police to pull out while the towns burned down, while businesses were burnt down while people were injured, ”DeSantis said at the time. “It’s a dereliction of duty.”

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