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MELBOURNE: Australia’s limited overs captain Aaron Finch is confident that technical tweaks to his batting technique can help him end his “reasonably skinny patch” ahead of the Twenty20 World Cup title defense this year.
Finch managed just one out of fifty games in four limited games in Pakistan before joining the Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian Premier League in April.
He then scored a fifty in five innings for the two-time IPL champions, who failed to qualify for the playoffs.
“It’s been a reasonably lean period,” Finch told reporters Monday.
“I’ve been through this many times in my career. Sometimes you go through stages where you get a bunch of runs in a rush and then go through lean areas.”
Finch said he was working on a technical aspect of his batting to get back into the runs ahead of a busy cricketing spell for Australia.
“When you’re worried about the ball coming back into your front pad, you can tend to open up, which then has a ripple effect,” the opener said.
“So I’m just trying to get back to a bit more square and make sure I give myself every chance to get through the first five or six balls and then in T20 or ODI you can kind of in result.”
Finch will play eight limited series games in Sri Lanka next month.
Australia are also set to play home series against Zimbabwe, New Zealand, West Indies and England ahead of the World Cup in October-November.
“With such a busy cricket schedule, there is plenty of time to be able to build up and I guess to get back into the groove of one day cricket in particular,” Finch said.
“We haven’t played a whole lot of that lately, so it would be really nice to try and get some big runs and keep everyone on my back for a little while.”


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