A record Joe Biden shouldn’t be proud of




What’s much worse is that the White House has yet to put a solo Biden press conference on its calendar. This makes him unique among recent presidents. And not in a good way.

As we await word of when President Biden will hold his first solo press conference, analysis of the past 100 years shows he is behind his 15 most recent predecessors, all of whom held a press conference. solo within 33 days of taking up their post. ”

Its last 15 predecessors! It’s a lot!

The White House’s response to this criticism is 1) Biden answers questions from reporters in informal settings and 2) he focuses on the country’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

What I get! And I also understand that simply holding press conferences is not a panacea. After all, former President Donald Trump spoke to the media more than any modern president, but he lied so often and with such ease that there is an argument to be made that the country would have been better off. ‘he hadn’t held so much press availabilities.

Still, those explanations aside, it’s high time for Biden to answer questions from the White House press corps at a sustained solo press conference. Why? Well, consider what happened in the first six weeks of the Biden administration.

Biden has signed more than 50 executive actions – on everything from immigration to the return to the Paris climate agreement. He also signed a $ 1.9 trillion Covid-19 stimulus bill, a hefty sum of federal spending.

While Biden largely avoided the press in those first six weeks, he and his administration did a number of HUGE things – using his executive power and the Democratic majorities in Congress.

Point: These are decisions that will affect not only Biden’s presidency, but the country for years to come. And he should understand the need to explain his thinking to journalists and to the country.


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