I told Vaishali about her ex but she told me not to worry and she would handle the situation: Jhanvi, Vikas Sethi’s wife


Television actress Vaishali Takkar was found dead at her residence in her hometown of Indore on Sunday. The 29-year-old committed suicide and was found hanged in her home. Police recovered a suicide note. Now, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Moti ur Rehman told ANI: “Rahul was Vaishali’s neighbor and the suicide note says he used to harass Vaishali, due to which she took such an extreme measure. She was about to marry another man and Rahul troubled her for that. Police are currently investigating the case. ACP Rehman also said that Rahul is currently not at home and fled after closing his house.

On Sunday night during an exclusive chat with us, Vikas Sethi and his wife, Jhanvi, told us about their conversation with Vaishali. They said Vaishali had promised to meet them soon as she was planning to come to Mumbai for her wedding shopping. She was about to marry Mitesh, a California-based software engineer.

Jhanvi and Vaishali had known each other for almost a decade. The actress lived with Jhanvi in ​​her residence for a few years after moving to Mumbai to pursue an acting career. Jhanvi says, “We were like sisters and shared everything. In fact, she helped introduce me to Vikas, who was her co-actor in Sasural Simar Ka. Vaishali planned everything and took care of all the arrangements during our wedding.”

Vikas tells that Vaishali celebrated her birthday before leaving for Indore. “She was part of every celebration, big or small. She was the first to hold our children. She partied with us a week before May 12 to celebrate my birthday early as she was leaving for her home town of Indore. She was the life of all the parties. She was jovial and very funny. You never get bored with her,” he says.

The actress left a suicide note. Speaking about that, Jhanvi says, “I guess she was troubled because of her ex. She had spoken to me about it and I told her that we would take care of it and solve the problem. However, she told me not to worry and that she would handle the situation. I am at a loss for words. She was a loving daughter and a beautiful soul.

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