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The releases of Salman Khan films are nothing short of a festival for his fans. The superstar has a list of very interesting projects in his pipeline and one of them was the sequel to ‘No Entry’.

However, if the reports doing the rounds are anything to go by, it’s stated that Salman has decided to put “No Entry 2” on hold due to legal and financial complications. According to a report on a news portal, Salman cared about the film and wanted to do it. The report added that the actor sat down on the script himself with Anees Bazmee and felt it was one of the funniest scripts he had read in the past decade. However, the first part was stuck in multiple legal entanglements due to a movie studio closing. Apparently, Salman initially thought it would be easy for him to resolve the conflict. However, when he delved deeper, the maze was much more complicated.

The report further revealed that the idea was to pay everyone and acquire the rights. But when a list of stakeholders to be reimbursed was drawn up, the amount exceeded the planned budget. People around Salman felt there was a strong possibility that third parties would raise issues against the film once it airs, as the rights are very opaque and they may have to spend extra money. if that happens, Bollywood Hungama’s report said.

An inside source also told the news portal that Salman was very keen to make a comedy movie, but the circumstances are such that nothing is materializing. The report also added that Anees Bazmee has also moved on to directing her superhero comedy. Salman is now reportedly looking for a new script to start working on from January or February.

“No Entry” also featured Anil Kapoor, Fardeen Khan, Bipasha Basu, Lara Dutta, Esha Deol and others.

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