Move holiday from early May to coincide with King’s coronation ‘on the table’, says No 10 | Politics News


Downing Street said ‘all options’ remained on the table over moving the bank holiday from early May to coincide with the King’s coronation – while Labor backed the proposal.

The the event is due to take place on May 6 next year at Westminster Abbey, eight months after the accession of the monarch and the death of the queen.

Number 10 said a public holiday for King Charles’ coronation was still ‘on the table’.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “Obviously this will be a historic event. We are carefully considering our plans. All options remain on the table.”

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Meanwhile, the Labor Party has suggested pushing back the bank holiday from May 1 to Monday May 8 to give the country a long weekend would be a “good way for the country to be able to celebrate”.

Sir Keir Starmer’s spokesman said: “Moving the May bank holiday to this weekend would be a good idea.”

The announcement of the date of the king’s coronation yesterday prompted calls from several MPs for a change to the May bank holiday to mark the event.

Former Conservative cabinet minister David Jones told the Daily Mail: “Combining the two events would be welcomed by the whole nation.

“It would make a very special keepsake for all of us.”

Former Labor leader Khalid Mahmood agreed, adding: “We can move the holidays to coronation weekend.

“We have a unique system with the monarchy and an independent parliament – I would argue that the British have a three-day weekend to mark the occasion.”

Earlier today, Jacob Rees-Mogg told Sky News the king’s coronation next year ‘has to be done right’ despite the current economic turmoil in the UK.

The business secretary said ‘we don’t have coronations very often’ and disputed that conversations about the cost of the ceremony could be compared to debates about rising wage demands.

But he declined to speculate on the cost of the event.

It is believed the coronation will be smaller and shorter than previous ceremonies, with some suggesting it will last an hour.

Buckingham Palace has confirmed that the Queen Consort will be crowned alongside the King.

The palace said the ceremony would “reflect the role of the monarch today and look to the future” while remaining “rooted in longstanding traditions and pageantry”.

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The Queen’s coronation on June 2, 1953 lasted three hours and was attended by 8,000 dignitaries. The event was broadcast live on television, attracting record audiences around the world.

Although the king came to the throne when the Queen deceased, the coronation ceremony marks the formal investiture of royal power by a monarch.

The King will turn 74 next May, making him the oldest person to be crowned in British history.

The service has been held at Westminster Abbey for 900 years.

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