Mrunal Thakur opens up about the challenges of dating in your 30s; says people ask him ‘At 32, will you have your child?’ | Hindi Movie News


Mrunal Thakur recently spoke about the challenges of dating in her 30s and how the idea of ​​a relationship has changed for her over the years.

In an interview with a news portal, the actress said she thinks dating in your 30s is different from dating in your 20s. According to her, at 20, you don’t think about the essentials. It’s just the “he likes me and I like him” concept. However, in her thirties, she realized that she had to love this person as much and put herself first. Mrunal also added that many red flags are treated like carnival when you are in your twenties. And then suddenly, when she turned 30, she realized that those red flags weren’t carnivals, and it was something she had to raise.

Expanding further, the actress added that in her 30s, most people she meets are more evolved and have strong opinions and are certain of what they want in life. They are more specific about what they want. Mrunal also added that she is often harassed with marriage issues. In fact, people come up to her and ask her, “At 32, will you have your child?” the actress told News18.

On the work side, Mrunal is currently benefiting from the success of his latest film, “Sita Ramam”, with Dulquer Salmaan.

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