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Prime Minister Liz Truss is set to tell the United Nations that Britain will no longer be ‘strategically dependent on those who seek to militarise the global economy’ as she calls on the free world to ‘push back against authoritarian aggression’.

Ms Truss will address the United Nations General Assembly later on Wednesday as she meets in the shadow of full-scale war in Europe.

She will explain to representatives how she plans to ensure the UK economy is free from malicious interference, including by increasing energy independence and keeping supply chains secure.

In her speech, the Prime Minister is expected to say: “We are reforming our economy to take Britain forward again.

“The free world needs this economic strength and resilience to repel authoritarian aggression and win this new era of strategic competition.

“We will no longer be strategically dependent on those who seek to militarize the global economy.”

Ms. Truss will also tell the General Assembly that the G7 and other like-minded partners must act as an “economic NATO”, collectively defending our prosperity and coming to the aid of any partner targeted by an aggressive regime.

She will reiterate her commitment to protect the UK and its allies, including by increasing defense spending to 3% of GDP by 2030.

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The Prime Minister is expected to say: “Just as we are building a plan for growth at home, we are also developing a new plan for our engagement with the world.

“We will build resilience and collective security – as they are vital for freedom and democracy. We will be a reliable, trustworthy and dynamic partner.”

She added: “This is a watershed moment in British history, in the history of this organization, and in the history of freedom.

“The story of 2022 could have been that of an authoritarian state rolling its tanks over the border of a peaceful neighbor and subjugating its people.

“Instead, it’s the story of freedom fighting back… But it doesn’t have to be unique….

“… Britain’s commitment to this is total.

“With our friends and allies around the world, we will continue to defend freedom, sovereignty and democracy.

“And we will define this new era as an era of hope and progress.”

On Tuesday, Ms Truss told Sky News she was prepared to be unpopular for her tax cut plan while pledging billions of pounds to help consumers pay rising energy bills.

She insisted the tax cut plan would ultimately benefit the UK economy.

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