Wimbledon: Ugo Humbert arrives on the court without his rackets


After a 90-minute rain delay, Humbert left to face his Norwegian opponent only to interrupt the match even further when he had to tell the referee he had nothing to hit the balls with.

“I don’t have racquets. I’m sorry,” Humbert said apologetically to the referee before the ball tossed.

Humbert and Ruud only had to wait a few minutes before someone rushed onto the court with three rackets, prompting cheers and applause from the Wimbledon crowd, and a sheepish smile from the Frenchman.

Perhaps it was because of his embarrassment or the unideal preparation, but Humbert lost the first set before coming back to upset Ruud – this year’s French Open runner-up – in four sets.

Humbert broke Ruud’s serve six times and hit 53 winners as he advanced to the third round.

Humbert’s 3-6 6-2 7-5 6-4 win is one of the biggest shocks in the men’s draw so far, with third-seeded Ruud the highest-ranked player to be knocked out .

Humbert, ranked 112th in the world, has already had success on grass. The 24-year-old was ranked in the top 25 in the world last year after winning the Halle Open in Germany in 2021.

After the win over Ruud, which lasted two hours and 36 minutes, Humbert said the surface suited his style of play.

“I love playing on grass. I’ve played a lot of good games,” Humbert said. “It’s a big win. He’s played very well in recent years, so I’m very happy.”

Humbert will face Belgian David Goffin in the third round.

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