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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted the 90th episode of his monthly radio show, Mann Ki Baat, on Sunday. With Mann Ki Baat, Prime Minister Fashion addresses the people of the nation on the last Sunday of each month. The Prime Minister also urged people to keep sharing ideas on Mann Ki Baat on MyGov or NaMo App.
Here are the highlights of today’s speech:
Prime Minister Modi started this month’s Mann Ki Baat by talking about the emergency, imposed in 1975, considered a dark chapter in India’s history. He said that despite several attempts, thousands of arrests and atrocities on millions, Indians’ faith in democracy could not be shaken. “Indians overcame the emergency through democratic means to restore democracy; it is hard to find another such example in the world. It was our democratic mindset that ultimately prevailed. Democratic values ​​entrenched in us for centuries finally triumphed. The people of India got rid of the Emergency and restored democracy,” Prime Minister Modi said.
He also remembered and applauded all those who resisted the emergency. “I remember the famous singer Kishore Kumar refused to praise the government at the time, and he was banned. He was not allowed on the radio.”
Sports achievements
Prime Minister Modi then congratulated Olympian Neeraj Chopra for his recent sporting achievements. He won gold at the Kuortane Games in Finland on June 18.
The Prime Minister also applauded the Khelo India Youth Games, which he said witnessed a true celebration of sport. “New records were created and outstanding sports performances were observed,” he said.
He also mentioned cricketer Mithali Raj, saying India will always be grateful to her for her monumental contribution to women’s cricket and for inspiring other athletes.
Indian space startups
Like last month, Prime Minister Modi spoke again about startups in his speech on Sunday, mentioning in particular the exciting developments in the Indian space sector. “Before 2019, startups in the space sector were not common. In the last three years, things have changed and our young people have shown great innovation skills.” He gave the example of Dhruva Space, a Hyderabad-based startup working on high-tech solar panels for satellites. “I also met Tanveer Ahmed from Digantara, another space startup, which is trying to map waste in space,” Prime Minister Modi said.

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