Strikes ‘likely’ to continue, minister says as he warns public to prepare for ‘substantial disruption’ | Political news


A Cabinet minister has told Sky News he fears rail strikes will continue this week – and warned workers must make sacrifices as the UK battles inflation.

Simon Clarke, chief secretary to the Treasury, said that although the government was not the union members’ legal employer because of their departure, they could not expect ‘anti-inflationary pay rises “.

“I fear it is likely that they [the strikes] will move forward,” Clarke said. “It is clear that we will continue to support the negotiations until there is no more time to discuss.

“But I think the public should be aware this week that there will be very significant disruption and therefore it is wise to be prepared for that.”

The walkout of 40,000 workers in the biggest railroad strike in three decades threatens to wreak havoc on commuter travel and choke the roads with increased traffic.

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