Sir Keir Starmer returns questionnaire to police investigating ‘beergate’ incident | Political news


Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer returned a questionnaire to police investigating the so-called ‘beergate’ episode.

Sir Keir came under pressure at the event in Durham in April 2021 when he was filmed having a drink and a takeaway curry with party colleagues.

He has pledged to resign as a party leader if he receives a fixed penalty notice for breaking the COVID rules.

Deputy Labor leader Angela Rayner, who was also present at the event, similarly pledged to resign if fined.

Both denied breaking the rules.

A Labor spokesman confirmed that Sir Keir and Ms Rayner’s questionnaires had been returned to Durham Constabulary.

Sir Keir, who has been a fierce critic of COVID rule breaking at Downing Street, has previously said that ‘absolutely no law was broken’ in his case.

But he added: “If the police decide to issue me a fixed penalty notice, of course I would do the right thing and resign.”

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Keir Starmer filmed drinking a beer

At the time, retail businesses and non-essential outdoor venues, including pub gardens, were open, but social distancing rules, which included a ban on mixing households indoors, remained in place. square.

Labor argued that food was eaten between work events, meaning the rules were followed.

Sir Keir previously said: ‘I just ate something while working late in the evening, as any politician would do a few days before an election.

It happened before the Hartlepool by-election and local elections.

Boris Johnson said he was “very, very surprised” receive a fine for attending a lockdown-breaking rally in Downing Street.

A Metropolitan Police investigation into rule-breaking events in Downing Street and Whitehall during the pandemic resulted in 126 fines for 83 people.

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