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NEW DELHI: Students with a minimum CGPA score of 7.5/10 in the four-year undergraduate program (FYUP) will now be eligible for doctoral admissions, without having to complete a master’s program, in accordance with the new regulations on the awarding of the doctorate finalized by the University Grants Commission (UGC). In order to stop the tendency to publish in predatory journals, the new regulations recommend patenting or publishing only in peer-reviewed or referenced journals.
The 2022 University Grants Commission Regulations (Minimum Standards and Procedure for Awarding a PhD) are expected to be announced by the end of June and are expected to come into effect from the next academic session 2022-23.
Giving a boost to the FYUP introduced under the National Education Policy (NEP), the regulations state that “an applicant seeking admission after a 4-year/8-semester bachelor’s degree must have a minimum CGPA of 7 .5/10”, while providing a relaxation of 0.5 CGPA score on a scale of 10 for candidates in SC/ST/OBC/different ability sections as well as economically weaker sections.
“It is important to encourage four-year undergraduates with a research inclination to do a PhD in order to improve the research ecosystem in our HEIs. This is why we allow four-year-old UG students who have a CGPA of 7.5/10 or higher to be eligible for admission to the PhD. Those with a CGPA below 7.5 will need to do a one-year master’s degree to be eligible,” said UGC President, M Jagadesh Kumar.
In accordance with the new regulations, 40% of vacant seats can be filled by university-level tests. Two modes of admission – 100% based on national entrance tests or 60-40 split based on national entrance tests and university or state level entrance tests were recommended.
If the total number of vacant seats is filled by the qualified candidates in the national entrance tests (conducted by UGC, CSIR, ICMR, ICAR, etc.), the selection of these candidates will be based on a merit list with a weighting of 100% from the interview/defense conducted by the higher education institution.

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