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By the time the first day of electronic auctions for IPL’s media rights for the next five-year cycle (2023-27) ended on Sunday, it was clear that BCCI was poised to benefit from one of the most large windfall of media rights in the world of sport.
The day saw the cricket board pocket Rs 43,050 crore (about $5.5 billion) – an increase of Rs 26,050 crore ($3.3 billion) from the previous round of rights taking the IPL value by match at over Rs 104 crore ($13.4). million) beyond the corresponding English Premier League figure of $11 million.
Thus, IPL is only second after the American NFL (17 million dollars) in terms of value per game; it is already ahead of other major leagues in the world like the NBA and MLB. The second day of the electronic auction is expected to generate larger numbers.
‘Insane auctions’ give IPL more financial muscle
The highly anticipated bidding for the rights began at 11 a.m. Sunday with four of the seven bidders in the fray – the Viacom-led JV, Disney+ Hotstar, Culver Max Entertainment (earlier, Sony Pictures) and the Zee group – jumping into the process straight away for packages A and B.
Package A is for India TV rights only, with a base price set at Rs 49 crore. Package B is for digital rights from India with a base price set at Rs 33 crore.

By the time the first day was over and the process was canceled for Sunday at 6 p.m., package A went from Rs 49 crore to Rs 57 crore and package B went from Rs 33 crore to Rs 48 crore.
This now means that the cost per game so far at which these rights are sold – Package A + B – stands at Rs 104 crore. That is Rs 49.5 crore per game compared to the 2018-22 duty cycle when Star India made a successful bid for every IPL game at Rs 54.5 crore.
Star had paid almost Rs 17,000 crore (14 more games in 2022 included) to win the rights at the previous auction, which was closed.
The current online auction, which is expected to see the bulk of the action on day two, has already fetched IPL Rs 23,370 crore for Indian TV and Rs 19,680 crore for India Digital. This concludes that BCCI has already bagged Rs 43,050 from the first day of the electronic auction and what is at stake here already makes the cricket board believe that the total sum, by the time this process ends, may well surpass the Rs 55,000 crore mark and maybe even touch Rs 60,000 crore. After the sale of packages A and B – and there is always the possibility that two separate parties could walk away with TV and digital, alongside the possibility of only one party walking away with both – packages C and D will come into play.
Package C includes a non-exclusive 18-game series – including all four playoffs and weekend night games on double-header day – and Package D is Rest of the World.
Alongside the four competitors mentioned above competing for packages A and B, SuperSport from South Africa (for the sub-Saharan region), Times Internet (for the United States) and FunAsia for the United Arab Emirates will compete for Package D.
Package C could find entries from any company that doesn’t win Package B and may want to try their hand at the non-exclusive set. The point to note here is that the winner of package A can challenge package B and the winner of package B can challenge package C.
BCCI on Sunday evening made no official announcement and all bidders stayed away from any interaction with the media, even unofficially, given that a big day of bidding is approaching on Monday.
However, sources say, “This type of bidding seems insane. It makes no sense to the outsider. Only those bidding with a price discovery POV might be able to explain how they intend to monetize that.
“And that said, we’re far from done. Day two could see the battle for Packages A and B continue. By the time Package C goes on sale, it could get crazier than we expect. think.”
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