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HYDERABAD: City police have decided to have the juveniles accused in the Jubilee Hills gang rape case tried as adults to ensure they receive the maximum sentence. Two of the accused minors are the son and nephew of an AIMIM MP while a third is the son of a senior politician in a key Telangana government body.
In 2019, a 17-year-old was sentenced to two life sentences by a local court in Hyderabad after being tried as an adult for sodomizing and murdering a 10-year-old boy.
DCP D Joel Davis said police will ask the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) to recommend that the minors allegedly involved in the gang rape be tried as adults. “We are focused on gathering evidence. Once the indictment is filed, we will ask the JJB to recommend that they be tried as adults,” the DCP said.
Police announced on Tuesday the arrest of six people, including five minors, in the gang rape of the 17-year-old survivor in a parked car. Under the Juvenile Justice Act 2015, offenses for which the minimum sentence is a prison term of seven years or more are classified as heinous.
Since all the minors involved have been convicted of committing a heinous offense and are all over the age of 16, the JJB will first make a preliminary assessment of their mental and physical capacity to commit an such offence.
Counsel will also assess their ability to understand the consequences of committing such an offense and the circumstances in which they allegedly committed the offense in accordance with section 15 of the Juvenile Justice Act, and may issue an order according to which it is necessary to judge said minor as an adult. “In such a scenario, the JJB orders the transfer of the trial of the case to the Juvenile Court,” prosecutor K Pratap Reddy said.
In such cases, minors are accommodated in a juvenile home until the age of 21.

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