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AHMEDABAD: In a first noble gesture of its kind, the BCCI has decided to award Rs 1.25 crore to the curators and gardeners of the six sites which organized the IPL this year.
“I am happy to announce a cash prize of INR 1.25 crore for the men who gave us the best games of #TATAIPL 2022. The unsung heroes – our curators and gardeners across six IPL venues this season,” tweeted BCCI Secretary Jay Shah. Monday, a day after the IPL ends at Narendra Modi Stadium here.

“We witnessed high octane matches and I would like to thank each and every one of them for their hard work. 25 lacs for CCI, Wankhede, DY Patil and MCA, Pune. 12.5 lacs each for Eden and Narendra Modi Stadium,” he wrote in another tweet.

IPL 2022 saw 74 matches with Mumbai and Pune hosting 70 league matches at Wankhede Stadium, Cricket Club of India, DY Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai and Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune. Eden Gardens in Kolkata hosted the first Qualifier and the Eliminator, while Ahmedabad hosted the second Qualifier and the Final.
During the championship phase of this IPL, a private company had organized the stay of the curators and gardeners in a five-star hotel, in addition to transport. “We are delighted with this news. However, BCCI should transfer the money directly to the accounts of the gardeners and conservators, and not to the state associations,” a conservator told TOI.

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