Consider Even 1 Case an Outbreak: Government Directive on Monkeypox | India News


NEW DELHI: The Union Health Ministry on Tuesday issued guidelines for the management of monkeypox although India has yet to report any cases of the disease. Officials said the standards were issued to ensure preparedness to deal with any potential crisis.
The ministry said even one case should be considered an outbreak. This should trigger a detailed investigation by rapid response teams to be initiated through the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme. He ordered all states and UTs to immediately report any suspected cases to the state and central surveillance unit, which will notify the Department of Health.
The standards state that contacts of a confirmed case should be monitored daily for the onset of symptoms for 21 days.
The directive follows a meeting in Delhi last week attended by experts from, among others, the ICMR, NIV, National Center for Disease Control and AIIMS.

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