Tom Brady’s ‘once in a lifetime’ golf shot captured in stunning drone footage – but is it real?


Enjoying another NFL offseason, the seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback showed off his golf prowess by appearing to find the bottom of the cup from the fairway – a golf salute captured mesmerizingly by drone.
In a video shared by Brady on Twitter, the high-speed drone can be seen tracking the 44-year-old’s swing, seamlessly tracking the ball as it traveled to the green and into the par-four hole.

Although he was quick to confirm it wasn’t a hole-in-one, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers flagger reflected on a “once in a lifetime” shot, as well as the opportunity to mix things up on social media.

“We did some fun stuff, me being a lot of the younger generation,” Brady told CNN’s Andy Scholes.

“I think over the years doing different little content things…it’s amazing the engagement you get.”

The footage sparked much debate online about whether the shot was genuine or guided into the hole by the wonders of the visual effects, with the Cincinnati Bengals’ Trent Taylor among those who were unconvinced.

“That’s wrong, isn’t it? tweeted the wide receiver.

Mahomes responds

The footage will have made for eerie viewing for Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes and Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen, who will face Brady and Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers in next week’s highly anticipated edition of ‘The Match’. .

The star-studded golf match between young and old – featuring four of the last five NFL MVPs – will start at the Wynn Las Vegas Resort June 1.

Brady’s drone exploits caught the eye of 2018 MVP Mahomes, who quickly threw a backhanded compliment.

“I’m not going to lie, quite impressive”, Mahomes tweeted in response to the video. “Too bad you ruined it a week ago.”
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Playing Mahomes and Allen, Brady is hoping to improve on his record, having lost in his previous two appearances at ‘The Match’.

All four players will have open mics for the duration of the 12-hole event, allowing quarterbacks to communicate with competitors and commentators.

The live coverage – which will begin at 6.30pm ET – will be televised exclusively by TNT. Turner Sports will air “The Match” for the sixth time since the event’s inception in 2018.

CNN is a division of Warner Bros. Discovery, along with HBO, Warner Bros, TNT, TBS and other media assets.

CNN’s Ben Morse contributed reporting.

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