Madhya Pradesh. Three policemen killed by deer poachers in Guna | Bhopal News


BHOPAL: Three policemen were shot dead by deer poachers in Guna district, Madhya Pradesh in the early hours of Saturday.
The incident happened around 2:45 a.m.
Rajeev Mishra, superintendent of police, told media that officers had gone to a forest area near Aron to search for poachers following specific entries. The poachers started shooting as soon as they saw the cops. The police fired in defense but the accused escaped taking advantage of the dense foliage.
Police said they have information about the presence of poachers. Hearing the sound of the police vehicle, the poachers alerted themselves and started shooting, taking position. Three of them died on the spot.
The sane cops have been identified as Sub-Inspector Rajkumar Jatav, Chief Constable Sant Kumar Mina and Constable Neeraj Bhargav. The driver of the police vehicle was also injured.
Carcasses of four blackbucks and peacocks shot by poachers were later seized on the spot.
State Home Minister Narottam Mishra consoled the deaths of the three officers and said instructions had been given to take strict action against the criminals.
Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has called for an emergency meeting with DGP Sudhir Saxena and other officers.

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