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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday pushed for a hybrid system of online and offline learning to avoid overexposure of technology to school children. Chaired a meeting to review progress in the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP), the Prime Minister urged higher education institutions to massively adopt e-learning as they were allowed to organize full-fledged online courses with an authorized limit of online content. raised to 40%.
Modi said NEP-2020 is being implemented with the goals of access, equity, inclusiveness and quality, with multilingualism being promoted to remove language-related barriers to educational achievement. The PM was briefed on the progress made in the formulation of the National Curriculum Framework, under the leadership of the National Steering Committee. In school education, initiatives such as Balavatika, NIPUN Bharat, Vidya Pravesh, examination reforms and innovative pedagogies such as art-embedded education, toy-based pedagogy are adopted for better learning outcomes. learning and holistic development of children.
Emphasizing the use of locally developed toys to develop students’ conceptual skills, the Prime Minister also suggested that secondary schools with science labs should engage with farmers in their area for soil testing. , according to an official statement.
Welcoming the NEP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that special efforts to track out-of-school children and bring them back into the mainstream and the introduction of multiple entry and exit to higher education, many transformative reforms have launched that will define and direct the country’s progress.
Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and other senior officials from the Ministry of Education attended the meeting.

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