AIFF Asks Ranjit Bajaj to Provide ‘Documentary Evidence’ of Assault Allegations Against Kushal Das | Soccer News


KOLKATA: A pressured Indian football federation on Thursday demanded contractor Ranjit Bajaj back up his allegation of assaults on female employees against general secretary Kushal Das with “appropriate documentary evidence” within 15 days.
The decision to request evidence from Bajaj was taken at an executive committee meeting after the AIFF came under immense pressure on multiple fronts, including the accusations against Das as well as his refusal to hold elections even after the term of the current dispensation has expired.
“…it was unanimously decided that AIFF should write a letter to Mr. Ranjit Bajaj to support his slanders and allegations against Mr. Kushal Das, Secretary General of AIFF, with proper documentary evidence in the fifteen (15) days, failing which the AIFF will take such appropriate action as it deems appropriate and appropriate,” the AIFF said in a statement.

Bajaj, who owned former I-League club Minerva Punjab FC, alleged last month that Das assaulted employees in the workplace, an accusation which was emphatically denied by the AIFF along with their manager. integrity Javed Siraj giving Das a clean note.
Earlier today, Bajaj filed a complaint with the National Women’s Commission against Das in addition to writing to the FIFA and AFC ethics committees.
The AIFF has been facing some heat lately, largely due to the delay in holding its elections, which have been pending for more than a year despite several body members voicing their opposition.
The AIFF, however, took umbrage at the case pending before the Supreme Court.
“It has been repeatedly said that the AIFF is unable to hold its elections as the Supreme Court of India is currently seized of the matter of amending the Constitution to put the Constitution of the AIFF in accordance with the National Sporting Code, 2011.
“The AIFF Constitution is therefore pending before the Honorable the Supreme Court.”
He said the Supreme Court has yet to hear AIFF’s suo motu application filed in November 2020.
“As part of this request, the AIFF had, in order to show its seriousness, submitted before the Honorable Court that it would not take any major financial or political decision.
“Pending the prosecution of the case before the Honorable Supreme Court of India, should the AIFF be deprived of its President, the AIFF will essentially become lapsed and headless, leading to the appointment of a Trustee in accordance with the laws, and subsequently derecognised by FIFA.”
The AIFF also said it would take advice from senior counsel on the way forward regarding the holding of elections after the three-member committee set up earlier to look into the matter submitted its report to the general Assembly.
“The Committee consulted with AIFF’s external legal counsel who felt that a decision by AIFF to amend Suo-moto’s constitution followed by elections might not be viewed favorably by the Honorable Supreme Court.”
The national federation also reiterated its position that it has not received any communication from the Ministry of Sports or the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) on the conduct of an audit of its accounts for the past four financial years for alleged financial irregularities.
“In India, all organizations that are subject to government funding can be covered by the CAG audits, with the exception of national sports federations. The CAG expressed the view to MYAS that since NSFs receive grants from the government, they should be subject to CAG audits.
“MYAS did not communicate anything in this regard to the NSF. In 2021, the AIFF submitted the audited statements from 2017-18 to 2020-21 at the request of the CAG. There was no further communication from the CAG since then at the AIF.”
Regarding the reports of possible de-recognition of the AIFF by the Ministry of Sports, the federation said: “The Hon’ble Delhi High Court is currently presiding over a case relating to whether or not NSF complied with the National Code. of sport, 2011 should obtain the recognition of the MYAS.
“AIFF’s submissions regarding this recognition were that since the AIFF Constitution is pending before the Honorable Supreme Court, it would only be able to come into full compliance once the Honorable Court supreme will have issued the appropriate instructions.”

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