Sunil Gavaskar: Chennai Super Kings know how to make a comeback, says Sunil Gavaskar | Cricket News


PUNE: The 2022 Indian Premier League (IPL) season has entered its most exciting week as the battle for the playoffs has intensified.
Chennai Super Kings (CSK) will face their southern rivals Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) again and the experts are expecting a tantalizing contest.
In what would be a test by fire, RCB will face CSK for the second chapter of the ‘southern derby’ this season in a desperate bid to keep their campaign afloat. Despite an excellent start to the tournament, the RCB slipped to three straight defeats.

CSK will be brimming with confidence as their seasoned skipper, MS Dhoni, is back at the helm after the team’s disastrous run this season under Ravindra Jadeja. Dhoni picked up a fine win in his first ever game as skipper this season, after Jadeja stepped down as captain.
Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar believes CSK have a lot of catching up to do but the defending champions can still turn around and qualify for the playoffs.

Speaking on ‘Cricket Live’ on Star Sports, Gavaskar said: “They have a lot of catching up to do but they are a team that know how to come back. But they have to turn around quickly.
“We saw what happened with KKR last year. When the tournament was in India, KKR was nowhere in the picture, but in the UAE they won just about everything and are Went to the final, so things can change in a jiffy in this tournament,” he added.


Former Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif thought this week was going to be interesting.
“No team can afford to take others lightly. Any team is capable of beating anyone. Every team will do their best to get those two crucial points. It’s time for the great players to show their courage and take their team forward,” Kaif said. .

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