‘KGF 2’ Hindi Box Office Pickup Day 12: Yash Actor Earns Total Revenue of Rs 322 Crore | Hindi Movie News


Yash ‘KGF 2’ Hindi star has embarked on a lucrative box office adventure. The film refused to slow down even in its second week at the box office.

On its second Monday, the film added a solid Rs 7.25 crore nett to its total. The action entertainer saw a 30% decline over his 12
and daytime. Currently, ‘KGF 2’ Hindi stands at a total of Rs 322 crore nett, Boxofficeindia reports. By the end of its second week, the film should have added a net 75 crore more to its total. The box office collection trend of ‘KGF 2’ Hindi is quite similar to that of ‘RRR’ Hindi in the second week. According to its current collection percentage, “KGF 2” Hindi is expected to generate a total revenue of Rs 335 to Rs 340 crore nett by the end of its theatrical release. The film may struggle to enter the 400 crore club. In the coming weeks, ‘KGF 2’ Hindi will face competition from ‘Heropanti 2’, ‘Runway 34’ and Hollywood biggie ‘Dr Strange’, which is already picking up the pace of advance bookings.

Directed by Prashanth Neel, “KGF 2” stars Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon in key roles. Speaking of the success of Southern films dubbed into Hindi, Dutt told ETimes, “I think the Hindi film industry has forgotten about larger-than-life heroism. But the industries of the South have not forgotten heroism. I’m not saying slice-of-life movies or romantic comedies are bad. But why did we forget our audience from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan who make up a large part of our audience. I hope this trend will come back to Hindi film industry. We used to have individual producers and financiers that the corporatization of movie studios put an end to. Corporateization is good but it shouldn’t interfere with our tastes in movies.

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