macron: Marine Le Pen concedes defeat in the second round of the presidential election and gives victory to President Emmanuel Macron


PARIS: French far-right leader Marine Le Pen conceded defeat in the second round of presidential elections, giving victory to incumbent President Emmanuel Macron.
She said her unprecedented tally in a presidential election represents “a brilliant victory in itself”.
“The ideas we represent are reaching new heights,” she said.
French polling agencies predict centrist Macron won the run-off against Le Pen which took place on Sunday.
Here are the first reactions:
Marine Le Pen, far-right challenger defeated
“Tonight’s result is in itself a landslide victory (for us).”
“I fear that the five-year term which is about to begin will break with the brutal methods of the previous one. To avoid the seizure of power by a few, more than ever I will continue my commitment to France and the French people with the energy, perseverance and affection for which you know me.
Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister of Foreign Affairs
“The French did not want a France that withdraws into itself.”
Clément Beaune, Minister for European Affairs
“With an extreme right at 40%, it shows that we will have to work.”
Olivier Véran, Minister of Health
“We are not going to spoil the victory… but the (extreme right) has its highest score. There will be continuity in government policy because the president has been re-elected. But we have also heard the message of the French people. There will be a change of method, the French will be consulted.

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