anand: Exclusive! Asha Bhosle’s son Anand is doing better now in Dubai; Legendary singer returns to Mumbai | Hindi Movie News


Earlier this week, we brought you the unfortunate news of Asha Bhosle’s son, Anand, being rushed to intensive care at a hospital in Dubai. Anand suddenly fell to the ground and injured himself, after feeling a strong wave of dizziness. This happened last week and was not reported until we brought it to you FIRST and EXCLUSIVE.

Incidentally, Asha Bhosle was then in Dubai. She was also seen in the hospital.

Well, Anand is much better now. Asha Bhosle is back in Mumbai, but has (of course) called him constantly to inquire about his well-being.

A source says the incident was very scary, but however, now Anand is on the verge of recovery and he will undergo regular checkups to ensure such a thing does not happen again.

We at ETimes wish Anand a full recovery.

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