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NEW DELHI: R Ashwin thinks the IPL is already behind in using ‘stand down’ as a tactical move and after becoming the first to do so, the Indian spinner expects to see a lot more in the near future coming.
Ashwin struck at No 6 for the Rajasthan Royals against Lucknow Super Giants on Sunday but left the field after two balls in the 19th to make way for Riyan Parag. He had scored 28 of 23 before retiring.

“T20, as a sport, is moving towards what football has achieved. Just like how they use substitutions, I did something similar (retire). We are already behind, but I think that will happen a lot in the next few days.
“I don’t think it will be a stigma like kicking someone out on the non-attacking side,” Ashwin said on his Youtube channel.
However, he thinks the move might not always work out.
“It might work sometimes and it might not work sometimes. These things happen all the time in football, and we haven’t fully discovered T20 cricket yet. It’s a millennial sport. It’s the sport of the next generation.
“In fact, if you see in football, Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo frequently score goals. But their team’s goalkeeper should also register goals and their defenders should defend well. Only then will a Messi or a Ronaldo be under the limelight.”
Since he wasn’t able to get the desired boundaries in the slog overs, Ashwin thought it best to give way to Parag.
“It was just a tactical move. Actually Riyan Parag hit very well and when the (K)Gowtham over (16th over) ended I gave myself some time – five to six balls – to see if I can hit a six or two fours.
“There were a few bullets in the slot, I tried to hit and timed it a bit wrong. I threw the kitchen sink all over it, but couldn’t time it. Someone one like Riyan Parag was in the shed and there were only ten balls left. If he comes and hits even two sixes, we might get a good score. It was a tactical decision.
Ashwin was also the first in the IPL to wear down a receding non-striker when he controversially unseated bail to fire Jos Buttler in 2019.
In a recent update, the guardians of the laws of cricket, the MCC, moved the dismissal by exhaustion while reverting to Law 38 (exhaustion) from Law 41 (foul play).
“The bowler is always portrayed as the bad guy, but it’s a legitimate way to fire someone and it’s the non-striker who steals the pitch,” Fraser Stewart, MCC’s chief legal officer, told The Times afterward. revamping the rules.
“It’s legit, it’s a fugue and so it should live in the fugue section of the laws,” he had said.

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