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UDUPI: “I may not speak, but my actions speak. In fact, we must not speak but our actions must speak. We took all the necessary decisions and actions at the right time. We don’t need to learn from Siddaramaiah about how we operate,” said Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.
Bommai was reacting to criticism from the leader of the opposition in the Karnataka assembly. Siddaramaiah, accused the Chief Minister of failing to act effectively to maintain law and order in the state.
On a question from the media in this regard, the CM said at Adi Udupi Heliport on Monday that Congress had dropped many murder cases registered against members of some state organizations through their government. .
“Where was their conscience of duty when they dropped the murder cases? We know how to maintain law and order in our state, which always maintains peace and harmony. Ours is a pro-development state. We know very well how to maintain these standards and we do it effectively. Several young Hindus were murdered when they were in power,” Bommai told Siddaramaiah.
“Let them criticize the government. Ours is a government formed in accordance with the Constitution of India. We have operated with the goals of considering everyone equally and thus maintaining law and order in the state. There is nothing wrong with organizations promoting their ideologies. However, the government will not tolerate him doing justice and provoking violence. On all matters, we will strictly follow all court orders,” he added.
Of the plans for the saffron outfits launching a Hindu task force against Love Jihad, the CM said: “People are doing what is necessary for their protection, but there is a law for everything. Many laws have been enacted by previous governments. Therefore, everything will be conducted according to the law and protecting the law is our duty.
Asked whether the government intends to ban organizations allegedly behind the murder of young Hindus, the CM replied: “You will find out in the days to come”.

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