Texas woman Lizelle Herrera, 26, charged with murder for “voluntary abortion” | American News



A woman in Texas has been charged with murder for what law enforcement described as a “voluntary abortion”.

Lizelle Herrera, 26, was arrested by the Starr County Sheriff’s Office near the US-Mexico border at the southern tip of the state, according to the Associated Press.

The arrest was met with several protests like Texas becomes the flashpoint of a new wave of restrictions Abortion laws across the United States.

Last year, new rules were introduced that mean women in the state cannot terminate their pregnancies once a fetal heartbeat is detected, which is often as early as six weeks and more. times before they even realize they are pregnant.

The sheriff’s office said Ms Herrera was arrested for allegedly “intentionally and knowingly causing the death of an individual by voluntary abortion”.

She remains in the custody of the county jail sheriff’s office on $500,000 bond, the Associated Press reported.

The sheriff’s office redirected Sky News to the district attorney for a statement, but said the prosecutor would not be available until Monday.

AP said the matter was still under investigation.

The new law in Texas has caused widespread outrage and created hundreds of so-called aborted refugees, with many women left with no choice but to travel out of state to terminate a pregnancy.

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