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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday urged senior officials to prioritize the process of filling vacancies in ministries so that job opportunities are created. The prime minister has also asked secretaries of central ministries to bring to his attention any shortcomings they notice in any government policy or program rather than simply endorsing everything.
Sources said in a marathon four-hour meeting, Modi spoke about the need to get rid of the mindset of glorifying poverty and marketing India as a poor nation, which is happening for decades, and has required government departments to undertake megaprojects and set global benchmarks. rather than being “satisfied” with the status quo. His directive to fast-track the filling of vacancies in the coming months gains significance in light of the opposition trying to turn “holidays” into general unemployment in the Assembly elections held recently, particularly in the PU. Although the BJP defied efforts to secure a comfortable victory, the PM’s leadership, coupled with a similar order issued by UP CM Yogi Adityanath, aims to address what may potentially be a vulnerability in his plan for the LS polls. of 2024.
The government had informed Rajya Sabha in February that there were over 8.7 lakh vacancies in central government departments as of March 1, 2020.
Officials said he reiterated that most senior officials at the Center should work as a team rather than confining themselves to their respective departments. He said they should work in “partnership” and have a broader horizon, having been at the helm of affairs at the national level for some time.
Modi has asked secretaries to tour and make more field visits to “see for themselves” the progress of government projects and programs rather than relying primarily on second-hand information. “The Prime Minister has sent a clear message to the executive that he must give his opinion on government policies if he finds anything wrong. He said we can bring such issues to the fore so things can be corrected or improved. Some of the secretaries also spoke at the meeting,” one of the officials said.

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