1.5 crore in 12-14 age group received first dose of Covid in fortnight, government says | India News


NEW DELHI: More than 1.5 crore teenagers aged 12-14 have been covered with the first dose of Covid jab in a fortnight since March 16, when the program was expanded to cover this age group .
In addition, more than 77% of 15-17 year olds have also started vaccination, while around 51% of these young people are now fully immunized with two doses.
The government has asked states to accelerate vaccination coverage for young people with innovative and personalized strategies, especially in the wake of the opening of schools and other institutions.
“Currently, our goal is to maximize coverage among teenagers so that the academic session can continue smoothly. Children have suffered a lot of losses during the two years of the pandemic. The smooth resumption of academic activities must be a priority. for all. Vaccination coverage will help ensure this,” an official said.
Sources also suggest the government will only consider extending the booster campaign once the majority of teenagers are fully vaccinated.

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