Egyptian FA accuse Senegalese fans of racism after dramatic World Cup qualifiers


In a statement on Instagram, the governing body said its players, especially captain Mohamed Salah, had been the target of abuse from Senegalese fans in Diamniadio, Senegal.

He also accused Senegalese fans of attacking and damaging the team bus.

“The Egyptian team suffered racism after offensive banners appeared in the stands of the stadium against the players, in particular against Mohamed Salah, the team manager,” the statement read, along with photos of the incidents.

“The crowd also terrorized the players by throwing glass and stones at them during the warm-up process.

“Furthermore, the Egyptian mission buses were attacked causing their windows to break, injuring and injuring some, which was documented by photos and video which were taken and edited with the complaint.”

Egypt said it was filing a formal complaint against the Senegalese FA, which did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.

World soccer governing body FIFA was not immediately available when asked to comment by CNN, nor was the Confederation of African Football, the continent’s governing body.

In a repeat of the Africa Cup of Nations final two months ago, Senegal beat Egypt on penalties as the two sides battled for a place at the Qatar World Cup This year.

Hamdi Fathi’s first own goal pushed the tie into extra time after Egypt won the first leg 1-0 on Friday.

But the visitors then lost the shootout 3-1, with Sadio Mane stepping in to score the decisive penalty.

There have been many criticisms online regarding the crowd’s lasers being fired into the faces of the Egyptian players at crucial moments in the match.

Green lasers were notably seen all over Salah’s face as he stepped forward and missed his kick.

The Liverpool star was then escorted away as fans ran onto the pitch full time.

CNN’s Muhammad Darwish and Nadeen Ebrahim contributed reporting.

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