“A Business Proposal” Actress Kim Sejeong Tested Positive For COVID-19, Halts Upcoming Fan Meeting


South Korean actress Kim Sejeong, who is currently appearing on SBS’s “A Business Proposal,” has been diagnosed with COVID-19, her agency Jellyfish Entertainment has confirmed.

While Kim Sjeong has temporarily suspended all her professional activities, including an upcoming fan meet to be held on March 26, the broadcast schedule for “A Business Proposal” will not be affected as she has already wrapped filming for the drama. .

The official statement from the actress’ agency read, “Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment. Today, March 22, artist Kim Sejeong tested positive for COVID-19 through PCR testing.

“Kim Sejeong tested positive for COVID-19 through rapid antigen test as a preventive test and eventually received positive result through PCR test. Kim Sejeong is fully vaccinated, received her second COVID-19 vaccine and is currently in self-quarantine to focus on his recovery,” he continued.

He concluded, “Inevitably, ‘Sejeong’s Sesang Diary,’ which was scheduled to take place on March 26, has been postponed due to the recent turn of events. We’ll give more details about that in another announcement. would like to apologize to all the fans who have been waiting for the fan meeting and ask for your understanding, and we will ensure that our company puts the health and safety of Kim Sejeong first. We send our sincerest apologies for having created concerns.

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