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Seven people have been charged in France for a broad daylight robbery on the set of the hit Netflix show Lupine, according to the country’s media.

Around 20 hooded thieves reportedly stormed onto the set late last month, hurling fireworks at the crew before stealing equipment worth around €300,000 (£250,000).

The incident happened while filming was taking place in the Pablo-Picasso district of the Parisian suburb of Nanterre.

None of the cast or crew, which would include the show’s main star, Omar Sy, were injured.

Filming was briefly halted and some of the material has now been recovered following searches.

The seven people charged are between the ages of 13 and 21.

They are accused of armed robbery in an organized gang and concealment, according to the AFP news agency.

Three of them are in custody while four are under judicial control.

Police say they are still looking for other gang members who are on the run.

“There was an incident on February 25 during the filming of the next season of Lupin, Netflix said in a statement at the time. “Our cast and crew are safe and there were no injuries.”

The show is inspired by the adventures of Arsène Lupin, a fictional master of disguise.

Omar Sy plays the main character, the gentleman thief Assane Diop.

Two seasons of the show have already aired and a third is expected to air on a date yet to be determined.

Produced by French studio Gaumont, the program is said to be one of Netflix’s biggest international hits.

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Lupine isn’t the first Netflix show to be targeted by rogues in 2022.

Days before the Paris heist, valuable props used in the filming of The Crown were stolen in the UK.

The items, worth up to £150,000, were taken during a raid on the television company’s production site near Doncaster.

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