BTS’s Jin Undergoes Surgery After Injuring His Index Finger; ARMY prays for a speedy recovery | K-pop Movie News


Jin, aka Kim Seok-jin, a member of K-Pop boy group BTS, had to be rushed to the emergency room because he injured his left index finger. Big Hit Music Group’s agency released a statement revealing that Jin was to undergo finger surgery. He had to be operated on because the tendons in his finger had been damaged.

The statement read, “Jin injured his left index finger during his daily activities and went to the emergency room of a nearby hospital for examination and treatment on Friday, March 18. He consulted doctors and He was told he needed surgery because the tendons in his finger had been partially damaged.He underwent surgery to repair the extensor of his left index finger on the afternoon of Friday March 18.

Much to ARMY’s relief, the operation was successful and Jin was released from the hospital. “The operation went well, according to the doctors. He was discharged from the hospital on the morning of Saturday March 19 and rested. He will wear a cast at this time for stabilization and a speedy recovery. Jin will focus on rest and treatment to fully recover from the injury in good health,” the statement continued.

ARMY OF BTS expressed their concern and prayed for Jin’s speedy recovery on social media. #GetWellSoonJin, Jinnie, Seokjin an Jin were some of the top Twitter trends in India.

Earlier, five members of the group, including V, RM, Jin, Suga and Jimin, tested positive for COVID-19 during their extended hiatus. Jimin also underwent surgery for appendicitis ahead of his concert in Seoul for the first time in over two years. Next, the group will perform at the Grammy Awards in April and will also hold a concert in Las Vegas.

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