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BENGALURU: Rishabh Pant supports his naturally aggressive hitting style and that’s a positive sign for the Indian team, vice-captain Jasprit Bumrah said on Sunday after Stumper’s spirited shot helped them set Sri Lanka a goal massive over 400 in the second test.
Pant became the fastest Indian batter to score a Test fifty when he hit the mark on 28 balls on the second day of the match, surpassing Kapil Dev’s record of 30 balls which he set in 1982 against Pakistan.
“Not everyone can play the same way. Every individual has a different game plan, so they backed up their strengths,” Bumrah said after the game day.

Bumrah said Pant is gaining more and more experience with each passing day.
“Not all the players in the team will play with the same pace, we understand that. He’s getting more and more experience and learning this game. It’s his (attacking) plan for the future, so it’s is a positive sign for us,” said the point guard.
Bumrah himself played a key role in taking control of the second Test with his five-wicket carry, which was his first at home.

“It feels good. When you play in all three formats you have to take care of your body and sometimes you miss the home tests. But it’s always good, it’s the moment when I had the opportunity and to be able to contribute to the success of the team is always a great feeling,” he said.
“You won’t get flat wickets everywhere you play”
The rotation-friendly track made life difficult for the Sri Lankan batters, even though the Indians negotiated the difficult track with aplomb.
Asked what the Indian did with the track, Bumrah replied that “no one is complaining”.
Bumrah feels that scoring runs at a track like this gives a lot more satisfaction.


In photos: Dominant India turns the screw on Sri Lanka in second Test

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Sri Lanka finished day two 28-1 in their second leg after India set a mammoth target of 447 for victory in the second and final Test on Sunday. (Photo PTI)

“You always play under different conditions, not every wicket will be the same. If there is help for the bowlers, when you score on such a wicket, it gives you a lot of confidence,” said he declared.
“You’re not going to get flat wickets wherever you play, so whenever it’s a challenge, you always look forward to that challenge.
“No one is complaining about the wicket, yes everyone finds a way and is eager to contribute because they know if they score good points from a difficult wicket it will give them a lot of confidence and when they play on a relatively flat wicket that will give them strength, so that’s the vibe in our side,” he said.

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