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“Stranger Things” — one of Netflix’s biggest franchises and most popular series — will end in season 5, the company announced Thursday.
“Seven years ago we planned the full story arc of ‘Stranger Things’. At the time, we predicted the story would last four to five seasons,” said the Duffer Brothers, creators from the twisted sci-fi series, wrote in a letter to fans. “It proved too big to tell in four but – as you will see for yourselves – we are now racing towards our final.”

The news comes as Netflix announced that the next season of the series (Season 4) will debut in two parts this summer. Part one will stream on the service on May 27, and part two will drop on July 1.

“With nine scripts, over eight hundred pages, nearly two years of filming, thousands of visual effects shots, and nearly twice the runtime of any previous season, ‘Stranger Things 4’ has been the toughest season yet, but also the most rewarding,” the Duffer brothers wrote.

Fans are patiently awaiting the return of the show, which last aired on Netflix in July 2019.

The end of the series will mark the end of an era for netflix (NFLX).
“Stranger Things” is arguably Netflix’s most important franchise and has helped make it the best streaming service. “Stranger Things” is more than just a TV show, however. It’s a cultural sensation and big business that also includes video games, theme park attractions, fast food items, and merchandising.

The show — which tells the harrowing story of Midwestern children dealing with monsters from a parallel universe — came out of nowhere when it debuted in 2016. But it quickly gained a deeply devoted following.

The ending of “Stranger Things” will be a big loss for Netflix, which is trying to turn more of its shows and movies into franchises as it tries to fend off rivals like Disney+. Many Netflix competitors offer many familiar brands that entice subscribers to sign up.

While losing “Stranger Things” is no small feat for Netflix, The Upside-Down Adventures is unlikely to end completely, according to its creators.

“There are still many exciting stories to be told in the world of ‘Stranger Things’; new mysteries, new adventures, unexpected new heroes,” the Duffer brothers said. “But first, we hope you stick with us as we finish this story.”

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